Webinar – Introduction of Sustainability in Value Chain

Introduction of Sustainability in Value Chain

In today’s global scenario, companies are competing not only for attracting more customers but to avail resources as well. The way of doing business surely impacts the customer’s interests and resource scarcity.

To stay competitive, companies must look beyond their own operations and consider opportunities to reduce their environmental footprint and increase resource efficiency across the entire value chain: be it at the front-end, in the design and manufacturing of products and packaging; and in the systematic recovery of valuable materials once the consumer is finished with the product or package.

This is called Sustainable practices for the entire value chain and it is no more Marketing jargon or niche concept, it’s a requirement and with expanding awareness about the environment in customers, they also value the same.

Value chain partners and Key stakeholders Collaboration is the key to achieving the same. It enables greater efficiencies, cost reduction, better product and packaging performance, and ultimately increased competitive advantage.

Speaker – Ms. Rashmeet Kaur

Digital Operations and Supply Chain ISCEA Global Supply Chain Sustainability Ambassador Mckinsey’s Next Generation Women Leader, Asia 2020

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Author: Chirag Kalaria

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