Work-Life Balance and Digitalization

work-life balance

What is your everyday life like, while going to work? Do you think you take enough time out for yourself? I’m sure most of you stay busy attending phone calls from work on weekends when you should be able to spend some quality time at home! In order to have a perfectly healthy work environment, it is essential for every individual to maintain a perfect balance between their personal life and their work. Imagine, leading a stress-free life where every aspect of your well-being is not at stake and you’re getting to spend quality time with your friends and family once you’re back from work. Wouldn’t it be a perfect life? 

In today’s always-on digital world, the workday often blurs and blends itself into our personal lives. Finding the right balance isn’t just nice to have, but is crucial for good health. A perfect work-life balance isn’t just about finding a great job and having a successful career, but also about integrating wellness into one’s daily routine. Even a great job can be dangerous if not managed properly. Technology has been proclaimed as the solution to solve all of our work issues. 

Brilliant performances in business and the workplace require proper planning and utilization of one’s strengths along with a healthy lifestyle that does not entirely revolve around the workplace. Every individual must have a clear goal, alongside a balanced skill-set that will enable them to play to their strengths. One needs to focus on what they are good at to be an efficient team leader. These may include any activity inside or even outside the workplace, like perhaps, playing golf, or skydiving! It is essential to be self-aware if one wants to be impactful and strong while leading an organization, and this requires peace-of-mind and a proper work-life balance. Every leader must understand and acknowledge their area of expertise, along with their blind spots both at home and at work. To be more successful, a visionary needs to work on their vulnerable aspects and further develop themselves through maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 

Confidence in oneself allows an individual to embrace the stress and hardship required for growth. Sometimes, our desire to succeed in our professional lives may lead us to ignore our emotional well-being. An individual needs to equally prioritize the demands of both aspects of their lives in order to thrive in both spheres.

Good balance impacts an individual’s well-being and helps lower stress. Employers must look to shift their work structure towards a more ‘work-life balanced’ friendly model, which can not only be realistic, and practical but also ideal and is driven by a technological underpinning. The old adage ‘health is wealth,’ holds even more relevance in today’s business world. Each individual must prioritize their physical, mental, and emotional health while balancing their careers, Failure to do so can lead to diminished effort in one’s career. Each person must be allowed enough time from their professional lives to recuperate from weekly stress and long hours of work. Employers must encourage their employees to have a separation between their work life and home, where they can completely switch off from work and come back with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

A healthy balance between work and family time will also ensure increased productivity while improving organizational reverence and loyalty. Ample Rejuvenation can also serve to motivate an individual towards delivering more outstanding results at work. While working is vital, it also is kept in mind that one should spend a sufficient amount of time with their loved ones.

One must keep a different amount of time chalked out and blocked for essential activities and work-oriented tasks. Their focus must be effectively divided into their personal and professional lives because a proper equilibrium between every aspect of one’s life is equally important.

A perfect balance between work and personal life is important for the business to thrive because if either of the two is in shambles, it directly affects the other one. While talking about the procurement process and why it requires a digital transformation, we can say that it is required not only for agility in the procurement process as a whole but also to make work-life easier for employees and leaders. 

There are several organizations that rely on paper-based processes and manuals instead of digital solutions. This is typically a result of inefficiencies in the procurement management processes that leads to unnecessary hassle. Paper-based or manual transactions lead to a massive amount of paperwork, resulting in unaddressed errors and spend leakage which can be tedious for employees in these organizations. The evolution and transformation towards digitization and automation in all things procurement has led to long-term business success. Over the past ten years, the impact of digital technologies on markets, customers, business models, and industries has been massive. The technological revolution has also massively impacted the internal structure of organizations where employees can work faster and far more efficiently and complete their work more flexibly, thus keeping the work environment both internally and externally, thriving. Thus, to essentially have excellent command over goods and services, adopting technological changes is the best possible solution, mainly because the competition between several organizations and businesses is on the rise and calls for innovation and progress into the future.

Procurement automation reduces processing time and cost and improves compliance, and enables a better overall supply chain management of the procurement process. An efficient procurement process reflects positively on the entire organization. People must move beyond traditional processes and optimize the whole process to produce significant value in business because this is directly related to having a perfect work-life balance.

A smooth and hassle-free work environment enables peace of mind, both at home and at work. Technology is capable of creating wonders. It is quite challenging to juggle between executing and planning projects alongside multiple vendors and negotiating the best deals. A procurement professional has to manage everything. The best way of doing it is by adopting technological innovations and processes efficiently. In fact, each and every person must adopt technological solutions to guide several aspects of their lives because it would make things far more agile, efficient, and easier.

Thus, to conclude, it is said that a digital procurement process not only reduces costs but also brings about a more efficient way of doing specific repeatable tasks, which helps in taking an unnecessary load off an individual, thus enabling them to worry less and thrive more.

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