Webinar – VUCA Leadership and its Impact on Supply Chain


VUCA is an acronym used for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. This term was coined by the US army post-cold war and defragmentation of the USSR.

VUCA was initially used as an unforeseen condition for which there is no prediction and forecast is available. VUCA is the same way applicable in real-life business use cases also.

VUCA demands agile and resilience response which may come through Vision, Understanding, Courage, and Adaptability. VUCA Leadership is the most important trait of Business leaders that is also applicable for Supply Chain Professionals.

Checkout the same for complete understanding with application tricks for the current scenario especially in COVID19.

This was originally delivered to NMIMS, Indore students, and jointly organized by Prodencia Learning center and Sourcing and Supply Chain.

Author: Chirag Kalaria

Procurement professional working at AMUL with a decade of versatile experience in Materials Procurement, Supply Chain, Contracts Management, Warehousing, Logistics and Project Management. Business Development and Financial Operations were also fields of expertise. Started “Sourcing and Supply Chain” to share knowledge and business expertise for strengthening the procurement process and agile supply chain.

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