Do you want to be SSC Thought Leader?

Why SSC Thought Leadership?

SSC is connecting the world’s best SCM professionals together for improving the Supply Chain Community practices.

  1. Right Recognition through our network and collaborations
  2. Establish your professional profile digitally  
  3. Build your professional network 
  4. Learn about other industries and their SCM model
  5. Access to showcase your best skill set and expertise on the webpage of SSC and one of the best professional networking platform – LINKEDIN

Areas of Expertise covered under SSC Thought Leadership:

Guidelines for Article/Blog Writing:

The article should be written clear, short, and precise.

  • The minimum word limit for submission of an article shall be 800 words and based on the topics and content coverage, you may increase the words as per your requirement.
  • In order to engage viewers, try to use suitable high-quality graphics/images/figures. Preferably 2-4 in each article.
  • The language of the article should be easy to read. Make sure to remove all the grammatical and spelling errors before submitting.
  • Try to give a catchy subject line.
  • No Plagiarism is allowed and the article shall be written completely in your own words and unique. You may take reference from already available articles with due reference and links.
  • Whenever possible, try to give real-time examples/ include authentic statistics.
  • Make sure to submit your article/blog in one of the areas of expertise mentioned above.

Guidelines for Webinar / Talk Show

  • The duration of the webinar/talkshow shall be 1 hour followed by a questions and answers session of 15 minutes.
  • The webinar shall be focused on one of the areas of expertise mentioned above.
  • In order to engage viewers, it shall cover real-life examples with data, graphics, easy to understand models and 3 key takeaways for the audience.
  • The language of webinar/talk shows will be ENGLISH only looking at an international audience.
  • You need to submit the deck/presentation 2 weeks before the webinar slot allotted to you.
  • Complete Demo of the webinar to SSC team is compulsory before starting marketing of the event and necessary changes suggested by team SSC must be incorporated in presentation.
  • You need to follow the SSC guidelines and incorporate the SSC logo in the deck.