Work-Life Balance and Digitalization

“Don’t get so busy making a Living that you forget to make a Life” – Dolly Parton

A perfect balance between a two is the most important thing to get holistic success. Technology has blurred a line between these two by creating “STAY UPDATED”status.
However, a right use of Technology like Digitization of Procurement may make things convenient and saves time too. Its totally depend on how we use Technology to balance both.

Digital Procure to Pay Service Selection Process

As Digital transformation in procurement sweeps across the globe, not limited to fortune 500 companies, most of the small and medium organizations are looking to use technology to improve the process efficiency and reduce cost across business units. Procure to Pay is nowhere an exception in the transformation.

To make wise purchasing decisions, improve the transparency and manage the maverick spend are some greater potential of Digital software. Procure to pay has a huge impact in the organization, as it develop building trust and improved communication with our key suppliers.

It’s really important to transform digitally, but at the same it’s imperative to know how and what to do while we transform, as it direct connect with organization vision and cost.

This article will outline the challenges, pitfall, and some best practices when we step ahead for Digital transformation of Procure to pay system.