How is it feels like being AMULYA (Priceless or Invaluable) amidst COVID 19 Outbreak and Lockdown in India

How is it feels like being AMULYA (Priceless or Invaluable) amidst COVID 19 Outbreak and Lockdown in India

When the world was celebrating 2020 in a grand way with lots of hope and ambitions and before this enthusiasm would be normalized, we all have learned that China has faced critical situations in Vuhan due to the Coronavirus outbreak which lately named COVID 19. Before the world understands what is it and what shall be a possible cure for the same, it was spread across the globe in more than 205 countries, affected 1.3 million people, and causing more than 72000 deaths.

Most of the developed nations like the USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, Iran, etc are also struggling to overcome the same. Corona is highly contagious, spreading by human touch, and to date, there is no vaccine or drug is available in the market, hence the only weapon to fight against Corona is “Social Distancing” Most of the countries in the globe has realized the same and implemented complete or partial lockdown. India is also not an exception in the same, but due to Government’s proactive steps and policies, India has remained successful to contain the spread of COVID 19 in the world’s second most populated country. Govt of India has imposed 21 days complete lockdown for an entire country which is the world’s biggest lockdown of 1.37 billion people which makes 17.7% of the global population without any prior notice to citizens.

It is a very bold and proactive step by Government and at the same time it is challenging also as not a single country in the world has taken such a step, not even China – the origin of COVID 19. Central Government with the coordination of state government, private sector, all small and big organizations are doing a commendable job to make it convenient for the entire country particularly for poor daily wage earners. However, it is not sufficient for a massive country like India and people are facing problems of availability of essential products particularly food in some of the places. In this situation of crisis also, all Indians are still resting assured about the availability of the most precious food – MILK on daily basis without any doubt. This is not only the confidence but it is the faith of every Indian on AMUL – The Taste of India (A Cooperative dairy industry with more than 3.6 million milk producers and an annual turnover of INR 390 billion). It is the strong backbone of the world’s largest milk producer country, India.


Being a small part of this gigantic organization or say the system, I would like to put my view as what is the feeling of being AMULYA (Priceless or Invaluable, I prefer to call AMULYA rather than Amulian or Amulite) in midst of COVID 19 Outbreak.

Who shall be called Amulya? Everyone starting from more than 3.6 million milk producers, milk collection centers employees, professionals working in milk and milk products processing and distribution, all 3PL service providers and supply chain partners, distributors and retailers and many more who have directly or indirectly support to run the operations. Everyone amongst us is AMULYA and unsung Coronawarrior.

I am a supply chain professional and looking after material procurement and movement as like 10000 plus professionals who are involved in running successful operations for AMUL PAN India, whatsoever the condition may be.

Today, I would like to put the thoughts about what comes in an AMULYA’s mind when we are serving our countries and customers. As human beings, the following questions come to our mind when we are going to work and they get intensified on repeatedly asked by family, friends, and well-wishers!!!

  1. Why only me? Professionals across the countries and globe are working from home in the midst of lockdown, then why don’t I?
  2. Don’t you find it risky to go outside home and come in contact with so many people who may potential career of corona?
  3. Is this work is really worth taking risk of your life?
  4. What will you earn in return? Is it so precious?
  5. Why you are different than all other citizens of India?
  6. Do you expect any Government support as they did to Healthcare professionals and Policemen?

In between all these Ws (What, Why, Where, etc), what is pushes us to go or work with a push and motivation? Check out below mentioned answers from an AMULYA.

  1. Only I am going to work amongst all other industries professionals because we are a special one and handling the world’s most precious food – The milk. It’s not an IT program, office task, RJ job or online Yoga class. Precious food like milk gives you health but at the same time, it needs timely care due to its perishable nature.
  2. Yes, it is risky to go outside as Corona is indeed contagious and can be easily spread while we are going outside the home and come in contact with people. But, with due care of ourselves and following safety measures as per the Government and organization’s advisories, we can prevent ourselves from the infection.
  3. Any work which you are doing is worth to take risk of life because you and your family’s life is dependent on that work only. So, we shall respect our work whatsoever it may be. But, the work which is I am doing is worth taking risk of life as most of the lives are dependent on the same. We are processing more than 20 million liters of milk per day which gives life to so many people particularly child, old age and needy one.
  4. Yes, being AMULYA is so precious as I am earning the blessing of millions of people every day ranging from our farmers whose family is dependent on regular income from milk (No milk holiday declared since the inception of AMUL in 74 years of time!!!); lots of service providers, transporters and industries are getting bread and butter particularly for their daily wage earners amidst COVID 19; millions of families who have faith in AMUL for supplying quality milk and milk products at doorstep irrespective of any situation like natural disasters, communal agitations, political agitation or pandemic.
  5. We are different as we are connecting with a live thing which is precious. Milk is affecting millions of lives of suppliers and customers and milk itself is a live product with perishable nature. Handling such live nutritious products put us in a special category of coronawarriors. When an entire country’s economy is affected due to lockdown, AMUL stands and leads with a 17% of growth rate and INR 390 billion turnover. It gives momentum to the FMCG sector, ensuring regular income every 10 days to milk producers, supplying essential products to a customer. In turn, it reduces the load of Government systems of supplying food, ensuring minimum income to support the lives of people.
  6. In this situation of crisis, we, the AMUL supports Government by assuring a continuous supply of milk and milk products irrespective of any situation, we are standing shoulder to shoulder. We will take due care of ourselves and our family first and then help our Government to fight such a situation.

This is why AMUL is invaluable and priceless, standing strong, leading the food sector, and stand with a country to serve better in every manner. We feel ourselves as precious as our armed forces that will fight on borders and we are fighting within the borders against COVID 19.

We hereby promise the country, in any situation, we are there and we will prove that “Amul is the Real Taste of India and it will always be accessible to everyone” The same is been reiterated by our Managing Director Mr. R S Sodhi as well.

Stay Home, Stay Safe as we are there for you!!!

Good luck India. Soon, we will be out of this pandemic and restart our life in a more fruitful way.

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