COVID -19: It’s a positive impact on mother Earth

Covid 19
COVID -19: It’s positive impact on mother Earth

At the time of writing this article, the Corona Virus Disease of 2019 (COVID-19) is at its peak and almost affected more than 200 countries in the world. It’s very contagious in nature and widely spread across countries. As of today, there is not a single sure shot medicine or vaccine available for this disease, and scientists across the globe are working hard on this. Day by day people are dying due to the same and with a combination of drugs, many people are getting recovered also. Most of the countries around the globe are in complete or partial lockdown based on the intensity of the infection and the spread of the virus. This is a really tough time for the human race. But, every cloud has a silver line and every negative aspect has some positive impact.

Let’s talk about Mother Earth and its feelings amidst COVID-19. For the last 2 months’ time, there is no vehicular pollution, factory pollutant, or any sort of manmade pollution. Further, it gives a positive boost to increase the flora and fauna of Mother Earth. All other species got a chance to explore the resources of nature without any disturbance from mankind. We are hearing positive environmental news like replenishment of the Ozone layer, reduction of air and water pollution, balancing in aquatic life due to no fishing in many of the places. People are more diverting from non-vegetarian food to vegetarian food across the globe.

The question of an hour is whether Mother Earth has pressed the reset button to rejuvenate herself in the form of COVID-19?  We should not go by just feelings and news but we should go by facts. To find the answer, let’s see a couple of parameters in terms of atmospheric pollutants and compare their levels before the lockdown period and recent days.

Reading of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in Parts Per Billion (ppB)
Reading of PM – 2.5 in uG/m3

From the above data, it is apparent that there is a substantial natural correction towards the quality of the atmosphere. Another area will also prove that the lockdown has improved nature. The temperature of Ahmedabad, India is on 31st March 2019 was 42 / 24 ⁰C as compare to the temperature on 31st March 2020 is 38 / 21 ⁰C. It’s a significant decrease in the temperature of the atmosphere looking to decrease in air pollutants.


It is evident that due to this lockdown, fishing is virtually closed across the globe. Hence there will be a fair amount of chance of marine life growth due to non-fishing!!!

All the above facts are proof and re-established that environmental quality is degraded by humans and we have to take strict measures to monitor, control and reduce such activities to rejuvenate mother earth.  An example was given and explained burning presentation that how governing rules and certifications like Green Building, Smart City concepts can be emphasized while making a new building.

We, the sourcing and supply chain professionals are in various industries and can take a lead role in the prevention and sustenance of low pollution.

I hope we all will relook into the existing systems and modify them in a way, so we can do minimum disturbance to mother nature.

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