The SRM Journey (Supplier Relationship Management)


2020 taught us to be flexible to succeed in the economic realities and changed our business operating model especially from the supply chain prescriptive. Organizations witnessed “Collaborative Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)”, a key success factor towards building the future.

SSC is hosting a webinar on “The SRM Journey “, which is a real-time business case study, and how it empowered the organization. Join us and experience the flight with -What & Why SRM? Market Intelligence, Plan & Strategy, Project launch, Risk & Mitigation, and much more.

Speaker Profile: Mr. Amir Aziz, MCIPS with 25+ years’ experience in Oil, Gas, and Energy sectors in the Middle East.

Area of Expertise: Global Procurement, Supply Chain, SRM contracts, Category Management.

Managed US$ 200M external spend, managed global inventory, warehousing, logistic management across 50+ countries, and 140 operating sites.

The SRM Journey

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