Expert Talk Show on Procurement Challenges in New Normal

Expert Talk Show on “Procurement Challenges in New Normal”

We all are aware that the procurement function under the supply chain is gaining more and more importance day by day. Especially looking to the situation in the so-called New Normal.

Alongside importance, responsibilities have also gained up to all the buyers, purchase managers, leaders, etc. Hence, that has resulted in more challenges and issues, and some of them are clueless and unanswered. Here we have come to your rescue.

In this context, SSC has arranged an Expert Talk show on “Procurement Challenges in New Normal” happening Live on 26-09-20 at 07:00 PM IST. For the larger interest of fraternity and demand, we are live streaming the recording of that talk show.

We are honored to have our experts Chandan Shirbhayye (Head – SCM, GVK Bio) and Jayanta Chakraborty (FIE, Owner of Warp Technologies) for this talk show. The expert panel had discussed and answered the questions received from the participants. The following are few chosen questions by the SSC editor panel amongst a big pool of questions.

1. During this time of Pandemic, we are trying to solve challenges with different strategies. According to you, What could be Sourcing strategies to avoid the dependency on the existing supplier base in the New Normal?

2.How Indo-China geopolitical issue is going to impact China import and customs clearance in India? What are the alternatives for Chinese vendors?

3.How Digitalization of the Supply Chain can be a game-changer in the current scenario? How it’s impacting profitability? How to tackle manpower reduction due to technology?

4. What are the cost containment strategies to build to survive in the new normal? What could be the new negotiation techniques? How traditional methods to be changed?

5.What is your view for the Gig economy effect in Procurement and what are the PROs and CONs? Is it going to be beneficial only for project-based industries or all types of industries?

6.What is your key advice for Procurement professionals in the new normal? What would you like to convey to them to tackle the new challenges successfully?

Since this is live streaming of recording, you can put your questions on chatbox or send it on mail and we will get answers from the Expert Panel.


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