Strategic Inventory Management

Strategic Inventory Management

In this competitive global world, everybody is talking about controlling inventory which has the potential to block organizations’ blood i.e. Liquidity/cash flow. But, at the same time inventory is as important as food for an organization without which generation of products/service is not possible. That’s why it is necessary evil!!!

You may get complete details about strategic inventory management in my attached presentation here which covers

  • What is Inventory?
  • Why do we need Inventory?
  • Cost of Inventory
  • Inventory Components
  • What drives Inventory?
  • Bull-Whip Effect – The role of Information!!!
  • Inventory Performance Measurement
  • Customer Centrality – A Tight Balance
  • Inventory Classification
  • Inventory Planning Strategy
  • Forecasting Techniques and its benefits
  • Inventory Decision Issue – EOQ model

I hope it gives you all the required details for understanding the subject and application of the same in your organization.

Presentation can is available @

Questions and suggestions are most welcome!!!

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