Call for Sourcing & Supply Chain Volunteers

Sourcing and Supply Chain (SSC) was founded with an intention and strong vision of “Sharing knowledge is the best way of Growing” and over the period of one year we have lived our belief and vision.

During our course period of time, we were able to gather Supply Chain professionals from different industries for carrying our vision across the globe. Experts from various industries have expressed their interest and joined our network for motivating and educating emerging Supply Chain Enthusiasts.

At present, SSC is working on the following 3 fronts to contribute to the community.

What we do?

SSC has surely a bigger vision for the community and bigger visions need people with a passion to accomplish the same. We sense Passion at SSC.

Are you a Supply Chain enthusiast and willing to contribute back to our community? Then, you are at the right place.

Benefits of Supply Chain Volunteering:

  • Understanding the past, present, and future Supply Chain Methodologies
  • Engage yourself with like-minded people
  • Interact with industry leaders and gain knowledge
  • Learn and accelerate your career objective
  • Be in a part of the “Elite Club” at SSC
  • Be a thought leader

If you are interested, fill out your details and SSC will call selected few to be a part of The Team – SSC!!!

Most important question comes in mind, why should I enroll as Volunteer for Team SSC? The answer is simple and straight-forward!! – VESCO

VESCO model for Volunteers

Looking forward to meet and interect with intellectual people of Supply Chain!

Author: Chirag Kalaria

Procurement professional working at AMUL with a decade of versatile experience in Materials Procurement, Supply Chain, Contracts Management, Warehousing, Logistics and Project Management. Business Development and Financial Operations were also fields of expertise. Started “Sourcing and Supply Chain” to share knowledge and business expertise for strengthening the procurement process and agile supply chain.

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  1. Hello,
    I just got to know about volunteering post posted on LinkedIn, but the application form is sharing a message that form is not accepting any responses. Can you please guide me?
    I’m unemployed, want to make a career in Supply Chain Management domain, and if I can get a chance to volunteer it would be a great learning experience for me.
    Looking forward for your reply.
    Thank you.

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