Strategies for International Supply Chain Disruptions

International Supply Chain Disruptions are not new and not just limited to Covid19. Global Supply Chains are the most vulnerable in this disruptive situation. Every problem needs some solutions and here we present Prescriptive Strategies for International Supply Chain Disruptions. It’s most useful for all sort of Supply Chain and can be implemented with the help of technology.

Prepare your Supply Chain for Crisis and Beyond

We all know that It’s impossible to anticipate the arrival of global crises such as the coronavirus outbreak.

However, firms can mitigate their impacts by taking supply chain preparedness to a higher level. The best response, of course, is to be ready before such a crisis hits, since options become more limited when disruption is in full swing.

Let’s explore in this article how should companies re-design their supply chains to operate effectively in a highly volatile world through excellent examples of past and author – @ wisdom & experience.


Types of Supply Chain

During the unprecedented situation, the role of Supply chains has been imperative across industries. However, it is time to define which supply chain to adopt? Lean supply chain which make effective use of resources or Agile supply chain which gives ability to swift response to solution or balance of the both to have a benefit of both models? Check out and decide…