This video is intended to make you amazed about unknown and mind-blowing facts about global top 5 companies.

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Apple Inc:

Why iPhone advertisement shows 09.41 am?

Who is Ronald Wayne?

The connection between Sir Isaac Newton and Apple?

Employee number #0 – Steve Jobs and Employee number #1 – Steve Woznaik

Apple’s warranty void off with smoking!


Amazon – The biggest book store on the earth

The First Amazon book sold is Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies by Douglas Hofstadter

Amazon name journey: Abracadabra – Cadabra – –

The costliest book in history – The making of a fly by Peter A. Lawrence – $23 million

Amazon recognition – Door Desk Award by Jeff Bezos


The first face of Facebook – Al Pacino

Why Facebook is Blue? – color blindness of Mark Zuckerberg

Can you block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook? – Prevention of Mass Blockage

Instagram deal in $1 billion with 13 employees

Facebook coding is 3 times more than coding required for fighter jet F-35


Google was known as backrub as like other search engines

Google Doodle – Best way of showing gratitude – First google doodle was ‘Burning man festival’

Google Headquarter – Googleplex came from Googolplex

‘I am feeling lucky’ button costs $110 million /year to google

Google’s first tweet was ‘I am feeling lucky’ in binary code

When Google goes down for 5 minutes the global internet traffic was reduced by 40%!

To run google, 5000 times more amount of coding required than it is required to run a space shuttle


Microsoft loves M&M’s candies

Microsoft Excel was the first successful and killer program of Microsoft. It has outperformed Apple’s Visicalc and Lotus 1-2-3

Bill Gates is the youngest billionaire at the age of 31 and at the age of 39 he becomes the world’s reachest billionaire.

The first smartwatch was Datalink 150 which was launched by Microsoft & Timex in 1995 which was 12 years before Apple’s launch of its first iWatch.

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Amazing Facts about top 5 Global Companies

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