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Every Apple iPhone advertisement displays the time of 9:41 am, Do you know Why?

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Steve Jobs has unveiled the very first iPhone in 2007 at morning 9:41 am. Apple wants to display time in advertisement as per actual time in audience's watch, so it is 9:41 am always.

Whats an Opportunity cost means? Who knows better than "Ronald Wayne?"

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Ronald Wayne was Apple's co-founder, who has sold all his shares for $800, today they would have been worth of $95 Billion.

Do you know the connection between Sir Isaac Newton and Apple?

Apple's first logo features Sir Isaac Newton and the apple tree with "Apple Computer Company". Eventually everything has been removed and apple stayed as logo. Flip to checkout!
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Meet Employee No #0!!!

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When Apple began designating employee numbers, Steve Jobs was offended that Steve Woznaik received #1 while he got #2. He said, I am second to none and he was offered #0 which is before #1 and he happily accepted. The one and only Employee #0!!!

Beware!!! Your Apple device's warranty may get void if you smoke nearby!!! - Surprised?

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Apple has mentioned in warranty clause that any impact due to "Other External Clauses" may results into void of warranty and surprisingly it includes smoking as implied factor!!

Every one of us knows that Amazon has started with selling books and its tagline was "The biggest book store of the earth".

Do you know which was the first book sold by Amazon?
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Have you imagined "Abracadabra" - The magical world can really do magic and deliver everything which you want?

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Jeff Bezos chose “Cadabra,” as in the magician’s phrase, “Abracadabra” before "Amazon" Later his lawyer has convinced that it sounds like“cadaver”. His second choice for a name was “Relentless.” While he eventually settled on Amazon.

The costliest book of the history - The Making of a Fly!!!

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Amazon once listed a book about the genetic makeup of flies for over $23 million. This crazy price happened because the price of the book was set automatically by an algorithm that listed the price relative to the cost of another Amazon source store. As a result, each store’s algorithm entered into a price race-to-the-top, eventually landing on $23 million. Later it was corrected all the way back down to a mearly $106.23.

Yay!!! You are awarded the "Door Desk Award" for your "Well Built Idea" - This is the Amazon way of Recognition.

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In the initial time, Amazon constructed employee desks out of inexpensive doors as a cost savings measure. Appropriately, Amazon now hands out “Door Desk Awards” for employees who have come up with a “well-built idea” that saves the company money or helps customers.

Time is Money for everyone but for Amazon its $120,000 per Minute.

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In August 2013, the Amazon website went down for 40 minutes. While this may seem like a small blip in time, it ended up costing Amazon an estimated $4.8 million—or $120, 000 per minute. Time is Money redefined!!!

Can you recollect who is the first face of Facebook?

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Its created by Zuckerberg's friend and classmate Andrew McCollum, was none other than a young Al Pacino “covered with a fog of ones and zeros — the elementary components of digital media.”

Why Facebook is Blue?

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Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind, which means the color he can see best is blue. That also happens to be the color that dominates the Facebook website and mobile app.

Have you ever tried to block "Mark Zukerberg" on Facebook?

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Facebook has a policy of preventing "Mass blockage" of any person or page due to viral campaigns or trends. If you are also famous then don't worry, Facebook protects you as well.

It's a saying that "A picture is worth 1000 words!" But, the costliest picture is worth 1,000,000,000!

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Facebook acquired an Instagram for about $1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) and the company had just 13 employees.

Have you ever wondered about coding used for running Facebook and how complex is it?

Facebook runs on coding of 100 million lines which is 3 times than the amount of needed for ______
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Popular Mechanics

Do you know what is "Backrub?"

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Backrub is the program to analyse the backlinks to understand how important a website was and what other sides it related to. Google was also called the same.

Google Doodle is a great way of expressing tribute. Here is the first Google Doodle.

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The first Google Doodle was dedicated to "Burning Man Festival" attended by Google founders in 1998.

Googleplex is the name of Google's headquarter, do you know where this name come from?

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Its came from "Googolplex" meaning a 1 followed by 100 zeros. (10 to the 100th power)

Feeling lucky is not free and quite costly!!!

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This button lands you to the first best possible result and costs approx $110 million per year as it bypasses all advertisements.

Twitter is the most popular social media but when Google tweets, then it's outstanding as always. Can you guess the meaning?

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It's "I am feeling lucky" in binary code. Are you lucky enough to guess right?

Can you imagine what happens if "Google goes down"?

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On August 16,2013, Google went down for 5 minutes and at that time Global Internet traffic dropped by 40%!

Let's talk about Google's internet service coding and compare with the coding required for space shuttle!!! What will be the equation?

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More than 5000 times more coding requires for running Google as compare to Space Shuttle!

Microsoft loves candy!!!

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Each employee has to bring in a pound of M&Ms on their yearly anniversary. This means that if a person works there for 10 years, they bring in 10 pounds of M&Ms.

Do you know the first most successful and killer program from Microsoft?

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Its Microsoft Excel, which unseated the reigning spreadsheet champions Apple Visicalc and Lotus 1-2-3. Without Excel, nothing else would have been possible.

Bill gates is the youngest Billionaire of the world at the age of 31!! But what happened thereafter?

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In 1995, just after 8 years from becoming billionaire, he became the richest man in the world with $12.9 billion worth.

The First Smartwatch! - Datalink 150

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Microsoft and Timex launched Datalink150 in 1994 - The first ever smartwatch and 12 years before Apple launched it first one.

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